This public health crisis might have changed a good number of things, but it has not altered our desire to travel and socialize. Nothing can replace human touch, although it is time to increase the effort to ensure the safety and health of all the people who make Caro Hotel: guests, employees and collaborators.

Caro Hotel is a small and cozy hotel and has always been an intimate place, free from the hustle and bustle of crowded places, where neatness and attention to detail are signs of identity.

During this time of pandemic, in Caro Hotel we have not only followed all the guidelines of agencies such as the Ministry of Public Health of Spain or the World Health Organization, but we have also implemented an extensive battery of improvements in procedures that prioritize the comfort of guests and promote trust in a safe environment. In addition, we have been certified with two of the most demanding seals that monitor the scope of all the measures we have activated: WTTC Safe Tourism and Tourism Covid-19 Protocol On.

Three main principles guide all our actions:
* To keep the guest experience essentially the same.
* To raise all prevention standards to the highest possible level.
* Promote trust in people and in a safer environment.

The main measures we have implemented are as follows:

1. General prevention measures

* Vaccination of all our employees
* Development of a reinforced cleaning and disinfection plan, following the criteria of the Ministry of Public Health of Spain and the WHO.
* Use of authorized sanitizers and virucides.
* Provision of informative signage to promote interpersonal safety distance.
* Access to hydroalcoholic solution by means of spraying without tactile contact.
* Installation of disinfectant mats at hotel entrances.
* Continuous ventilation of rooms and common areas.
* Advanced air-conditioning of the hotel spaces to guarantee the renewal of circulating air.
* Training of all our employees.

2. Measures on arrival and departure from the hotel

* Provision of signage to promote interpersonal safety distance.
* Access to hydroalcoholic solution by spraying without tactile contact at the reception desk.
* Disinfection of room keys and delivery in individual packaging.
* Disinfection of electronic equipment and other work materials after use.
* Recommendation to make payments through electronic devices.
* Use of specific protective materials during valet parking and interior disinfection of vehicle contact areas after the service.

3. Measures in the common areas of the hotel

* Control of capacity in all hotel’s indoor areas and swimming pool.
* Continuous disinfection of recurrent contact points and elevators.
* Installation of non-manually operated wastepaper cans.

4. In-room measures

* Daily ventilation of all rooms to ensure the renewal of circulating air, irrespective of occupancy.
* Cleaning of textile materials in accordance with the working procedures recommended by official agencies.
* Disinfection of all items used in the rooms after each departure of guests.
* Reinforced disinfection of all contact points in the rooms.
* Removal of expendable fixtures and decorations.
* Implementation of QR codes with hotel information of interest (restaurant menu, room service, etc.).
* Installation of non-manually operated wastepaper cans.

5. Alma del Temple Restaurant and breakfast service

* Adaptation of all kitchen work procedures to the standards recommended by the official agencies.
* Sanitization of crockery, cutlery and tools before each service.
* Readjustment of buffet and breakfast menu to maximize personalization of service.
* Redistribution of tables to ensure safety distances.
* Control of capacity in the different rooms of the catering area.